To meet the requirements of IMO ship energy consumption data colleting system and EU ship CO2-related data collecting statistics and reporting requirements, CCS has developed a kind of ship energy efficiency collecting and monitoring system software. The software collects energy efficiency-related data such as the arrival and departure port name, arrival and departure time, fuel consumption and added quantity, voyage mileage and cargo capacity, and implements the monitoring and statistical analysis of the energy efficiency-related basic data and generates emissions report based on different targets. The software can be installed and run independently on a single ship, or be used with the existing “Ship Energy Efficiency Management System” of CCS or corresponding servers of enterprises, and can import the collected data into system automatically through mail or interface, ensuring the accuracy and security of the energy efficiency data from the source. The software can provide reliable data source for a third party inspection agency to perform data verification and provide convenient and diversified services for the statistics, monitoring and reporting management of shipping enterprise energy efficiency-related data.

CCS provides the free ship energy efficiency data collecting and monitoring software which is easy to install. The software development takes the current computer configuration of the enterprises into consideration to the maximum extent, in order to decrease the installation, operation and maintenance costs of enterprises. With the bilingual feature in Chinese and English, the software can meet the collecting and reporting requirements of ship energy efficiency data, minimize the costs of shipping enterprises, and help them to collect and report energy efficiency data and calculate and verify the carbon emission.

Download: Installation package and User Manual (2018-9-12

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