COMPASS-RULES is a computer assessing system developed by CCS for sea-going ships in accordance with CCS Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships, IACS URs, Regulations for Statutory Surveys of Ships and Offshore Installations by MSA of PRC, relevant IMO conventions and codes and other updated technical standards. The software aims to cater for the rapid developing shipbuilding and shipping industries and to provide high-level service to customers. As a high-end and high-tech assessment system for ships, COMPASS-RULES represents latest outcome of CCS rules development and research and CCS holds independent copyright of the software. The software has been widely applied in plan approval, rules development and research, auxiliary design and shipping safety assessment, and has successfully performed analysis and assessment for thousands of ships, contributing to the fast development of China’s shipbuilding and shipping industries.

COMPASS-RULES is an important means to safeguard safety of ships by providing strong technical support to surveys and safety assessment of sea-going ships. It is used for plan approval, rules development and research, establishment of technical standards, auxiliary design, shipping safety assessment and failure analysis of ships.

◎In ship design period: providing rules design and check, strength assessment and assessment of fatigue life;

◎In ship service period: providing condition assessment, cause analysis of failure and sea damage;

◎In ship repair period: providing ship modification assessment.

COMPASS-RULES comprises more than 20 functional modules categorized in four sub-systems: performance calculation, structure calculation, shafting calculation and electrical calculation systems.