The fuel cost accounts for a large percentage of ship operation cost. As the international shipping situation changes (for example, fuel cost keeps increasing and energy-saving and emission reduction standard is being continuously enhanced), more and more ship owners start to seek for feasible energy-saving & emission-reduction approaches in respect of management, operation and new technology. The best trim is an energy-saving and emission-reduction technique for ships recommended by IMO, and its fundamental principle is as follows: as ship’s navigation hydrodynamic resistance is correlated to the speed, displacement, draft and trim angle, the ship can navigate under the best condition by adjusting its floating condition. This technique is an optimal operation technique, which is safe, reliable, easy and practical without the need for modification of ship structure and additional equipment. It can also reduce energy consumption and improve the operational and economic efficiency of the ship.

OTA(Optimal Trim Assistant)is a simple and feasible solution provided to ship owners by CCS based on the ship optimal trimming technology. By reasonably changing the onboard operation habits, demand for main power can be effectively reduced to cut down fuel consumption and carbon emission.