11 shipyards add to ‘white list’

China’s ministry of industry and information techology announced that 11 more shipyards have made the ‘white list’ status , adding on to the current 60 that are already on the list. The 11 shipyards are Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding, Jiangsu New Hantong Ship Heavy Industry, Nantong Rainbow Offshore & Engineering, Jiangsu Haitong Offshore Engineering, Anhui’s Wuhu Xinlian Shipbuilding, Fujian Baima Shipyard, Fujian Southeast Shipyard, Fujian Huadong Shipyard, Hubei’s Ezhou Guangda Shipbuilding, Guangdong’s Jiangmen Nan! yang Ship Engineering, and Chongqing Donggang Shipbuilding Industry of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC).