ࡱ> ^`]_ R;bjbjebb ($$84 v$ "F Q" [^<j#_LTq0\,###L[#$H>,2$V  c#$, P: Form: RWPAS713-J -N0V090~0>y China Classification Society Application for Ship/Product NDT Service Job number Name of NDT service firmSerial number of approval certificate Expire date of certificateName of entrusting partyNDT typeShip name /serial number of ship constructionShipbuilderShip typeShip principal dimension total length x width x depth Name and purpose of the productPlace of testStarting time of testName of testing personName and type of testing equipment Telephone and faxE-mail addressChina Classification Society, We promise to obey the following during the period of approval: Responsible for authenticity of all documents and information provided to CCS; To keep the third part position with independent and equitable attitude, and carry out work, on-the-spot inspection, and form the test report strictly according to relevant rules, standards and technical conditions, without influence of any unit or person, and maintain independence, impersonality and equity of qualification test; To ensure compliance with CCS relevant provisions and accept CCS inquiry on service quality and results as well as other supervision of any form; The service of testing shall not be subcontracted fully or partly; To accept application and carry out NDT service strictly according to the application contract. This company will be liable for any loss of the test result or certificate presenting inauthentic; Once CCS was charged with the compensation to the third part, which its loss was approved caused by this company, due to the inspection or certificate carried out according to the NDT test result, this company will be liable for total compensation of CCS; Signature: Date  The following shall be filled in by CCS  Branch review10This company has the ablity to offer NDT service for above ship / product, evaluate its performance according to its past subcontract service quality `$Agree to offter NDT "$8rtv wi[L?3hzhq5\aJhzhq5>*\aJhzhq5>*PJ\aJhzhq5PJ\aJhzht&5PJ\aJhw5PJ\aJo(hzh 5PJ\aJhw5CJPJ\o(hzh 5CJPJ\hz5CJPJ\o(hqOJPJo(hqCJPJhq5CJOJPJ\o("jhqCJPJUmHnHu hqaJo(hqCJPJo(hqCJPJ"8rt & @ B $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdhSJ $$Ifa$gdt& $dh@&G$H$a$$dG$H$a$$ G$H$WD`a$$G$H$a$ $ & ( 6 8 > @ D r v     , . r v      Z ` z | ~       ( ) 2 9 : < Z ^   ݷhF nhF nCJaJhF nhF nCJaJo( ht&aJ h aJ haJo( hwaJo( hqaJ hqaJo( hhSJaJo( ht&aJo( h aJo(DB D vjv $$Ifa$gd $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gd skd$$Ifl0t"0t"4 lal    eYPYP $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdkd$$Ifl\uPt" $ 0t"4 lal  t v eYPYP $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdkd>$$Ifl\uPt" $ 0t"4 lal   eYPYYP $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdkd$$Ifl\uPt" $ 0t"4 lal  \ ^ eYY $$Ifa$gdkd$$Ifl\uPt" $ 0t"4 lal^ ` | ~ |s|s $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdvkdE$$Ifl40t"0t"4 lalf4 eYP $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdkd$$Ifl\uPt" $ 0t"4 lal     |sss $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdvkd$$Ifl40t"0t"4 lalf4  ) * |s $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdvkd $$Ifl40t"0t"4 lalf4* + : ; v $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$gdskd$$Ifl0t"0t"4 lal; < Z 9w`LLLLL$ & Fd,$1$Ifa$gdF n$ad,$1$IfVD.^aa$gdF n$a$1$IfVD.^aa$gdF nskdH$$Ifl0t"0t"4 lal TW.024(*,.ֶ֍|m^O^OhwCJaJmHnHo(uhcDCJaJmHnHo(uhqCJaJmHnHo(uhqCJaJhcDCJaJo(hqCJaJo(hzhzaJhq5CJPJo(hzhcD5CJPJhz5CJPJo( hq>*aJ hF naJo( hqaJo( hqaJhF nhqCJaJo(hF nhF nCJaJhF nhF nCJaJo(024~uuu $$Ifa$ckd$$Ifl46 t"t"0t"4 lalf4 d$If$ & Fd,$1$Ifa$gdF n`88s`J d,$IfWDd`gdcD d,$IfWDd` Jd,$IfVDWD^`JgdcD d,$Iffkd\$$Ifl45t"t"0t"4 lalf4ytz.:<8.8082848B8F8V8Z8^8`8b88888888|9~99999990:2:4:6:8:>:@:L::::ӝӝpӎpӝht&CJaJmHnHo(uhcDCJaJmHnHo(uhqCJaJmHnHo(uhzCJaJmHnHo(uU"ht&hcDCJaJmHnHo(u$hqCJOJQJaJmHnHo(uhqCJaJmHnHo(uhwCJaJmHnHo(uhcDCJaJmHnHo(u, service for above ship / product % a$Do not agree to offer NDT service for above ship/product. % 20This company does not has the ability to offer NDT service for above ship / porduct not agree to offer NDT service for above ship/product % 30 Others % Reviewed by: Date:Note:  FORMCHECKBOX : Applicable  : Not applicable     ( Rev. 1.0 20080110  1/1) 8::::&;(;;;KB@ 7$8$H$gdwykd$$Ifl4L0t"0t"4 lalf4ytcD d,$IfVDxWD^` d,$Ifgdd,$IfVDWD`::::::;";$;(;0;8;:;V;X;Z;;ķķiT8i7j|hsnhw5B*CJOJQJU^Jph(hsnhw5B*CJOJQJ^Jph1jhsnhw5B*CJOJQJU^Jph-hsnhwB*CJOJPJQJ^JaJph*hwB*CJOJPJQJ^JaJo(phhqCJaJhqCJaJmHnHuhcDCJaJmHnHo(uhqCJaJmHnHo(uhqCJaJmHnHo(uhwCJaJmHnHo(u;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; hcDo(hcDh-jh-Uhq-hsnhwB*CJOJPJQJ^JaJph.hwCJKHOJQJaJeh@o(r@;;;;;;;;;;;;; 0182P. 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