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Focus on COVID-19

release time:2020-12-01 09:12

This society payed close attention to the epidemic trend since the outbreak of COVID-19, keep in step with the industry dynamics and summary the related information, issued following Technical Notice:

(2020) Technical Information No.17 Total No.451 Rev.10—Technical Notice on Prevention of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak on Board

(2020) Technical Information No.30 Total No.464—Technical Notice of Guidance on the prevention and control of COVID-19 on board developed by Chinese government(Circular Letter No.4221)

(2020) Technical Information No.31 Total No.465—Technical Notice of guidance on the certification of seafarers related to COVID-2019 Issued by IMO and ITF

(2020) Technical Information No.32 Total No.466—Technical Notice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance Concerning Unforeseen Delays in the Delivery of Ships (Circular Letter No.4204_Add.7) Released by IMO

Some countries/regions published strict port restrictions due to the COVID-19, branch offices of this society collected and summarized related information. Clients may click on the website of to get related information for availability of CCS survey/audit and the details of port restrictions.

Circulars or guidelines issued by related organizations, port authorities, flag states administrations and Tokyo MOU, Paris MOU was summarized as a consolidated edition, click to download.

Note: If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the information.

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