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[V{|W %N,9e^/Ordinary Conversion %USy[V/Individual Item %vQ[/Others 2096f~ Ship Information 9 T Ship Name 96{vS CCS Class No.96{|W Type of ship9eV Flag State96*:S/N(u*~ Service area/Specified route;`(TMO Gross tonnage9 N Owner ,g!kUSMO T|N/5u݋/{ Designer of this application Contact/Phone/EmailVeg Date of plan submission  FORMCHECKBOX ~([Paper plan submission  FORMCHECKBOX 5uP[[Electronic plan submissionfv Remarks: l/Note  FORMCHECKBOX  (u/Applicable  FORMCHECKBOX  N(u/Not Applicable ~~kXQ~u/To be continued YXbebv^nx]~ NRag>kS,gOScSveQ~ĉNSvQN gsQĉbĉR v^ TaSvQ~_g The applicant acknowledges having read the following clauses, as well as classification rules and other relevant rules or regulations given in the application in detail, and agrees to be bound by them: YXbe(WYXb-NV9~>yCCS ۏL96[Ve cS96@b(uv,g>yeQ~ĉNSvQN gsQĉbĉR-NvhQag>k~_g0 When applying to China Classification Society (CCS) for plan approval, the applicant accepts to be bound by all the provisions as specified in the classification rules or other relevant rules or regulations of CCS applicable to the ship. (W,g>yNYXbNKNl gvQNT Te ,gOSsS:N,g>yNYXbeKNvT T0(W,g>yNYXbe1\YXb96vhSb[V ~{ gvQNT Tv ,gOSTyQ[/fCCSNYXbe~{v gsQT Tv~bR0,gOSQ[N gsQT TNS(uveQ~ĉ0vQN gsQĉbĉR g NNv (W,gOSvYXbNyVQ N,gOSQ[:NQ0 Where no any other contract is signed between CCS and the applicant, the application constitutes the contract between CCS and the applicant. Where CCS has signed any other contract with the applicant in respect of the survey of the ship (including plan approval), the contents of the application form an integral part of the relevant contract signed between CCS and the applicant. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the contents of the application and the relevant contract, applicable classification rules, or other relevant rules and regulations, the contents of the application shall prevail, so far as the items specified in the application are concerned. YXbe^ cgq,g>yvBlcO[V@bvV~0bJT0eN0DeNSvQNOo` v^[@bcOV~0bJT0eN0DeNSvQNOo`vw['`0Se'`T[te'`#0 The applicant shall submit to CCS plans, reports, documents, data and other information necessary for plan approval in accordance with the requirements of CCS and shall be responsible for the truthfulness, timeliness and completeness of such plans, reports, documents, data and other information. YXbe^9hnc NOo`Spe@b(uv,g>yĉS9eV?e^vBllQ~0lĉI{ ۏLS_v{ v^cN[V0b^zS_v(OSO| NO96TNTv(ϑ0 The applicant shall carry out design and necessary calculations, in accordance with CCS rules and the requirements of the government of the flag State (conventions and regulations etc.) applicable to the above information, and submit them for plan approval. The applicant undertakes to establish an appropriate quality assurance system for the design quality of ships and associated marine products. ,g>yeQ~ĉ0 gsQĉbĉR[,g>yybQV~ gHe'`ZPQNĉ[ YXbe(W,gOS-NkXQvvsQOo`vSfS[CCS[ybV~v1YHe0 The validity of approved plans is stipulated in classification rules of CCS, relevant rules or regulations. The approved plans may be invalidated due to any change of relevant information given by the applicant in the application. YXbe^:N,g>yv[V]\OcOeO O/eN,g>y1u[gybQV~Nuv9(u sSO1uNYXbedVYXbOdky[V*g1u[b YXbe_N^nc]ۏLv]\O ckOT,g>y/eNv^v9(u0 The applicant shall facilitate CCS in plan approval and undertake to pay fees arising from plan approval. In case of the plan approv 6Z\jln* . 0 4 T V 8 D F \ `    & ( 2 R ķĬzozgzgh3hno(hfhnOJQJhfhnOJQJo(hn huI}o( hno(hn5CJPJaJhn5CJPJaJo(hn5CJ OJPJhaX5CJ OJPJo(hn5CJ OJPJo(hnOJPJQJaJhnCJOJPJhnOJPJQJaJo(hnCJOJPJo((\n, . 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CCS will not be liable for any damage or loss due to accepting such documents by any other party. ,g>yNN[1uNꁫu_L:N vc bv_c1Yb_c[bb#N (WNUO`Q N,g>yGW N[c_c1YbT_SDR_c1Yb_c[bb#N0 This Society will be liable only for the loss or damage resulting directly from its negligence act. In no event shall this Society be liable for any indirect contractual or consequential losses or damages. Y~fT TsQ|e@bmSv_c1Yb_c[/f1uN,g>yb,g>yǖXT0NtNb,g>yvQNNhevu_L:N bv ,g>y\bb#N v^\ cgqeQ~ĉ0eQ~ĉRvĉ[/eNTP0FOY_c1Yb_c[|1uY NL:N@b b,g>y\ NbbNUO#N 1 ,g>yǖXTvQSǖCgPvL:N 2 ,g>yvNtNbvQNNhe,g>y[vQfNbcCgVvL:N0 This Society will be liable for the loss or damage due to negligence act provided attribute to this Society or its employees, agents or other parties acting on behalf of this Society. And in no case shall the amount of this liability exceed the limitation value specified in the relevant rules and regulations by CCS. This Society s liability for the loss or damage is specially excluded when such loss or damage arises out of an act: 1 by an employee of this Society acting outside the terms or scope of his/her employment; or 2 by any agent or other party acting on behalf of this Society, when such act exceeds the authority granted in writing by this Society to such agent or party. ,gOS(u-NNSNlqQTVl_0dN,g>yS g~[Y QV,g>yeQ~ gR gsQvNUON GW^cN-NVwmNNYXTO cgqYXbNeOsL gHevNĉRۏLN0NQ/f~@\v [SeGW g~_gR0 The laws of the People s Republic of China shall apply to the application. Unless otherwise agreed with CCS, any dispute of whatsoever nature in respect to the classification service provided by CCS shall be referred to China Maritime Arbitration Commission and arbitrated in accordance with its arbitration rules effective at the time of request for arbitration. The arbitration award shall be final and binding upon both interested parties. -NV9~>y(WSt3ue -NVM|eQ~96 %Џhe NcS3ueO(uN(uN -NVM|^eQ~96 v9(uNTfN0 The certificate of marine product which is only applicable to  non-class ships flying China flag  from the applicant is unacceptable to CCS provided that the applicant is to apply for ship in service survey of  classified ships flying China flag . YXbelQS Ty Name of the applying companyE-mailT|N Contact5u݋/Kb:g Phone/Mobile phone O w Fax0W @W Address  Post code eg t^ g e Date of application: (dd/mm/yyyy) YXbelQSvzbcCgN~{W[ (Stamp of the applying company or signature of the authorized person) CCSQz %Џ96(uĉ0ĉRTlQ~nUS /f,gOSvNR0     %Џ96[VOS Application of Plan Approval for Ships in Service (Rev.1 20220222 - PAGE \* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT 3/ SECTIONPAGES \* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT 3) BBB|DDDWBWLWNWPWRWVWXW\W^WbWdWhWȾ꜔jh'(Uh'(huI}OJPJo(hnOJPJo(hAhnOJPJo(jhn0JyUhOJhnCJQJ hnaJ hnaJo( huI}o( hno(hnhnCJaJhnCJaJo(9~UUUU d$IfgdFR$d$Ifa$gdFRUUUUU9--- d$IfgdFRkd$$IflֈE w` eo)~0644 laytFRUUUUUUUUD???gdnkdX$$Ifl\Ew` e)~0644 laytFR d$IfgdFR$d$Ifa$gdFRUVVZVzVWNWPWTWVWZW\W`WbWfWhW|WWWXXXXgdFR$&dPa$gdi gdOJ*gdngdXRgdnhWzW|WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWX X XXPXRXTXVXXXZXXXXXXXķij{qddYdddYdhiaJmHnHujhBhnUaJhBhnaJo(hBhrhraJo(hBhraJ hraJo(hBhnaJhBhnOJQJaJo(h}hOJhOJ>*CJPJaJo(hOJhOJ>*CJPJaJo(hOJhOJ>*CJPJaJhOJhOJCJOJPJhOJhOJCJOJPJQJo("XXXXhOJhnCJQJh'(hFRC0P182P:p:. 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