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IHM is the most important evidence for issuance of IHM Certificate/ IHM SOC, all ships need to keep it onboard. For new ships, IHM should be developed by shipyard based on the MD and Supplier's Declaration of Conformity ("SDoC") provided by suppliers; for existing ships, IHM should be developed by the ship owner by following the specific procedures or the same requirements for new ships or. It is the ship owner’s responsibility to maintain and update IHM throughout the operational life of the ship based on the MD and SDoC.

Since there're above 1000 kinds of maritime products which may present various types of hazardous material that should be calculated/estimated and recorded, in order to facility implementation, a software for development/review of MD, SDoC, IHM, namely CCS GREEN CHAIN, which is based on the private cloud technology and in line with the requirements of Hong Kong Convention and relevant Guidelines had been developed by CCS.

This software can trace data and enhance supply chain management level with high efficient and low human resource. Furthermore, the user-friendly, uniform and simplified means provided by this software will assist all stakeholders especially suppliers, shipyards, ship owners, classification societies, recycling facilities.

Website:  http://greenchain.ccs.org.cn/

CCS also provides training, consulting, development services for shipyards or ship owners.

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