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       Regulation (EU) 2015/757 was entered into force on 1 July 2015. This Regulation lays down rules for the accurate monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and of other relevant information from ships arriving at, within or departing from ports under the jurisdiction of a Member State of EU, in order to promote the reduction of CO2 emissions from maritime transport in a cost effective manner.


2 Applying to commercial ships above 5000 gross tonnage in respect of CO2 emissions released during their voyages from their last port of call to a port of call under the jurisdiction of a Member State and from a port of call under the jurisdiction of a Member State to their next port of call, as well as within ports of call under the jurisdiction of a Member State.

  What shall companies do

2 By 31 August 2017, companies shall submit to the verifiers a monitoring plan for each of their ships, subject to above mentioned scope of application, indicating the method chosen to monitor and report CO2 emissions and other relevant information. A monitoring method or combination methods can be chosen for monitoring from below,

l Bunker Fuel Delivery Note and periodic stocktakes of fuel tanks

l Bunker fuel tank monitoring on-board

l Flow meters for applicable combustion processes

l Direct CO2 emissions measurement

2 From 2019, by 30 April of each year, companies shall submit to the Commission and to the authorities of the flag States concerned, an emissions report concerning the CO2 emissions and other relevant information for the entire reporting period for each applicable ship under their responsibility, which has been verified as satisfactory by a verifier.

2 By 30 June of the year following the end of a reporting period, ships arriving at, within or departing from a port under the jurisdiction of a Member State, and which have carried out voyages during that reporting period, shall carry on board a valid Document of Compliance.


  What can CCS do?

Providing services to worldwide customers for their ships to comply with the requirements of MRV Regulation.

2 Providing the Guidance in respect of MRV Regulation Implementation;

l How to develop a Monitoring Plan and prepare an Emission Report in compliance with the requirement.

l Applying for verification and relevant requirements.

l A sample of Monitoring Plan and Emission Report for reference.

2 Providing a system for monitoring, assessing and reporting;

l  Collecting and managing voyage data with intelligent data check.

l  Monitoring voyage data of each vessel by comparing with theoretical and historical data.

l  Fuel consumption comparison for your fleet (within company / industry).

l  Producing and submitting the emission report automatically.



2 Providing the relevant training courses for implementation;

2 Providing the assessment of Monitoring Plan;

2  Flow Chart of the Assessment of MP


2 Providing the verification for Emission Report and issuance of DOC.

2  Flow Chart of the Verification of ER



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