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Article List

NO. Title Attach
1 EU Regulations 附件
2 Statement of Impartiality and Confidentiality 附件
3 Application for MRV and Instruction to Customer 附件
4 Application For Surveys Of Ship In Service 附件
5 HCSR-DSA V1.2.1 附件
6 HCSR-SDP V1.2.1 附件
7 Application for Approval of Inspection & Testing Firm 附件
8 List of Approved Marine Product 2017 附件
9 Application For Newbuilding Ships Services 附件
10 Application For Surveys Of Ship In Service 附件
11 List Of Rules, Regulations & Conventions Applicable To Plan Approval Of Ships In Service (2017-04-20) 附件
12 Application For Ship Certification(SMC/ISSC/MLC) 附件
13 CSR-SDP(BC) V2.0(10) Setup 附件
14 CSR-SDP(OT) V2.0(10) Setup 附件
15 CSR-DSA V2.0(09) Setup 附件
16 Application For Classification 附件
17 Application For Surveys And Issue Of Certificates Of Ship In Service 附件
18 Application for Approval / Periodical Audit of Qualification of NDT Organizations 附件
19 List Standards For Building (2017-04-20) 附件
20 Application For Product Survey 附件

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