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Article List

NO. Title Attachment
1 HCSR-DSA V1.4.1-x86 attachment
2 HCSR-DSA V1.4.1-x64 attachment
3 Survey service agreement for newbuilding yachts services attachment
4 Application for yachts type examination attachment
5 Declaration of consistency between proposed yacht followup type examination and leading yacht or prototype yacht by manufacturer attachment
6 Application for plan approval or survey of ship during major conversion attachment
7 Application for newbuilding ships services attachment
8 Request for classification attachment
9 Request for surveys of ship&unit in service attachment
10 Request for class statement attachment
11 Request for MRV Verification attachment
12 HCSR-SDP V1.4.1 attachment
13 Application for Approval of Inspection & Testing Firm attachment
14 List of Approved Marine Product 2018 attachment
15 List Of Rules, Regulations & Conventions Applicable To Plan Approval Of Ships In Service (2017-08-18) attachment
16 Request for ship certification(SMC/ISSC/MLC) attachment
17 CSR-SDP(BC) V2.0(10) Setup attachment
18 CSR-SDP(OT) V2.0(10) Setup attachment
19 CSR-DSA V2.0(09) Setup attachment
20 Application For Surveys And Issue Of Certificates Of Ship In Service attachment

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