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Article List

NO. Title Attach
1 List Of Rules, Regulations & Conventions Applicable To Plan Approval Of Ships In Service 附件
2 List Standards For Building 附件
3 Application For Loading Computer Software Approval 附件
4 Application Of Plan Approval For Ships In Service 附件
5 Application For Surveys Of Ship In Service 附件
6 Application For Newbuilding Ships Services 附件
7 Application for Approval of Inspection & Testing Firm 附件
8 List of Approved Marine Product 2016 附件
9 Application for Approval / Periodical Audit of Qualification of NDT Organizations 附件
10 Application For Product Survey 附件
11 Application for Approval 附件
12 Application For Approval Of Drawings/Technical Documents Of Marine Products 附件
13 Application For Ship Product NDT Service 附件
14 Application For Approval Of Inspection & Testing Firm 附件
15 Application For Surveys Of Ship In Service 附件
16 Application For Classification 附件
17 Application For Surveys And Issue Of Certificates Of Ship In Service 附件
18 Annex 1:Letter Of Intent For Emergency Response Service 附件
19 Annex 2:Ship Emergency Response Service Agreement BetweenChina Classification Society 附件
20 Annex 3:CCS-ERS Required Materials List 附件

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