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Generator Protection Device and Automatic Power Station Control Device

Date:2015-10-20 00:00:00.0
1 The Guideline applies to the approval and inspection of the generator protection device and automatic power station control device installed in the LV AC system on the marine ship and offshore installations (hereinafter referred to as the ship).
2 According to the universality of the computer system definition in the regulations of CCS and accepted standards, the products involved in the above-mentioned devices can all be classified as the computer system (except for individual product) in spite of different complexity. It can be used as reference for non-computer-system products.
3 According to the requirement on the system classification specified in Article 1.4 of Annex of Chapter 2 in PART SEVEN of the Rules for Classification of Sea-Going Steel Ships, the equipment should be classified as the Type-III equipment, namely, such system failure will endanger immediately the personnel and ship safety as well as the environment.
4 The devices mentioned in the Guideline exclude such detecting elements as the voltage transformer and current transformer that are independent of the device and installed externally.

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