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Low-voltage Switchboard

Date:2015-10-20 00:00:00.0
1 The Guideline applies to the plan review and inspection on the low-voltage switchboard and distribution apparatus installed on the marine ships.
2 The low-voltage switchboard consists of the main switchboard and emergency switchboard (including the battery charging and discharging panel).
3 Given the specification variety of marine low-voltage switchboard and distribution apparatus, CCS does not require any factory approval or type approval. As a result, the Guideline applies to the low-voltage power distribution equipment that is not subject to type approval. For such products in batch production, CCS hopes the marine product manufacturer conducts a type approval and test on the low-voltage power distribution equipment. For specific requirement, see the product standard described in Article 2 of the Guideline. The applicable requirement in the Guideline should be met at the same time.
4 It can be cited for the inspection on similar equipment used on the marine installations.
5 The Guideline does not apply to the approval and inspection on electrical/electronic equipment used on the above-mentioned equipment (such as the circuit breaker, fuse, and generator protection device).

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