Triumphant return from trial voyage of CCS-surveyed 20000TEU large container ship


On the night of Jan. 10 2018, the 20,000TEU container ship “COSCO SHIPPING TAURUS” surveyed by CCS returned home after the successful trial voyage.
This ship is home designed and built, with 399.8m in length, 58.6 in molded width, 30.5 in molded depth, 16.0m in structure draft, 14.0m in design draft, 22.5kn in designed speed. The largest capacity on the deck is 11,628TEU, 8482TEU in the cargo hold, and the total container volume is 20,110TEU. The ship is equipped with 2 reefer container cargo holds and can accommodate 160TEU reefer containers, plus the 840TEU on the deck, the ship can accommodate 1000TEU reefer containers.
The ship is single screw diesel engine driven, adopting the design of tilted bow, bulbous bow and square stern, and having stabilizer and single continuous deck. This type of ship meets the latest IMO requirements for environment protection, having the conditions of being converted to LNG powered ship in the future, enabling shipowners to convert it easily into LNG powered ship when the condition matures in the future. This series of ship has been awarded the additional notations of CCS such as DFDR(H,m), CLC(V), HLM, GreenShip II, OMBO and NEC(II) NOx.