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CCS-surveyed 400,000 ton ore ship

Date:2018-02-09 10:53:35.0

On Jan. 11 2018, the prototype ship of the second generation of super large 400,000 ton ore carrier (VLOC) “YUAN HE HAI” was delivered in Shanghai. The ship is the first such ore carrier delivered in the world and the one with the largest tonnage in China.
“YUAN HE HAI” is independently designed by China and tailor-made for the Brazilian Vale, featuring economy, green, environment protection, energy efficiency and safety. The ship is 361.9 meters long, 65 meters wide, with 30.4 meters in modeled depth, 23 meters in designed draft and 14.5 knots in speed. It has the one-man bridge and 30 crew will suffice for daily operation. The ship adopts the hull stress online analysis system, the comprehensive performance has greatly improved compared with the first generation VLOC, and has the CCS EOM additional notation. The ship meets and exceeds the various IMO MEPC requirements for environment protection, reducing 30% in fuel consumption per unit mile. The full-load displacement is 45.5 ton. The ship has 7 cargo holds and 1 reserved vacant LNG hold, and the fastest loading and unloading speed is two times the conventional ship. The ship has strong range ability and can complete around the globe navigation without fueling in the interval. It is equipped with LNG READY and the 10um membrane filtration technology ballast process equipment, meeting the requirements of international conventions.