The first domestic 20, 000 TEU super-large container ship ”COSCO SHIPPING ARIES” was delivered at NACKS


On Jan. 16 2018, the first domestic 20,000TEU super large container ship “COSCO SHIPPING ARIES” was named and delivered at NACKS. This ship is the first container ship of this size which was independently designed and built by China. It will sail to Europe on its first voyage after being delivered.
“COSCO SHIPPING ARIES” is 400 meters long, 30.70 in molded depth, 58.60 in molded width, and has a capacity of 19273TEU. It has the advantages of large capacity, high construction accuracy and strong port adaptability, and it has reached the world’s advanced level in terms of capacity, operation speed, safety performance, environment protection and intelligence. The ship is under the dual class of CCS and LR, and has been granted by CCS the notations of EEDI III, EOM, I-Ship(E) and other notations for intelligent ships which represent the highest level of energy efficiency, energy efficiency management and energy efficiency online supervision.