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CCS Issued the First Service Certificate to Domestic Wind Power Industry

Date:2017-11-07 16:31:42.0

Recently, China Classification Society Certification Company (CCSC) issued the first after-sales service certificate to the onshore and offshore wind turbine generator units of CSIC Haizhuang. This certificate was also the first service certificate issued to the after-sales service sector in China’s wind power industry. China has currently entered the service economy age. In the “13th Five Year Plan” period, the economic transformation and upgrading focuses on shaping a service-dominated industrial structure. Service certification is a new certification approach based on customer perception, quality management of the organization and degree of service quality satisfaction. It has positive effects on improving the proportion of quality service supply and increasing the competitiveness of service enterprises at home and abroad.
The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) started to allow certification bodies to apply for service certification qualification at the end of 2014. Up to now, a total of 2,692 certificates have been issued in the service certification field. Throughout the world, service certification is in the initial stage and boasts a huge potential for future development. Both study on basic theories and certification practices are at the exploration and accumulation phase.
CCSC started to engage in the research on service certification technology in 2014, and received the service certification qualification approved by CNCA in 2016. Looking forward, CCSC will actively respond to China’s supply-side reform policies and contribute to improving the quality of China’s service industry. Meanwhile, as a professional certification body in the fields of transportation and renewable energy, CCSC is committed to providing professional service quality evaluation and certification services for industries such as transportation services, including urban rail transit, railway, road and water transport, civil aviation, logistics, warehouse, freight forwarding, car rental and leasing services; renewable energy services including wind power aftermarket; equipment life cycle services, travel agency and tour guide services.