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The 174,000m3 membrane liquefied natural gas carrier “CESI Tianjin” was delivered

Date:2017-10-09 10:09:38.0

The 174,000m3 LNG carrier “CESI Tianjin”, which is surveyed by CCS and LR was recently delivered.
“CESI Tianjin”is so far one of the LNG carriers with the largest loading capacity in the world. The ship adopts the liquid tank evaporation automatic matching of oil and gas mixed combustion technology, having the powerful propulsion capability and good handling over the full speed section. It is highly reliable in safety and will serve LNG transportation from Australia to China. “CESI Tianjin”is the 4th ship of the APLNG project. The other 3 “CESI” series LNG ships which have already been delivered are in good operation condition after 24 voyages.