The prototype 14500TEU container ship was delivered


Recently, the prototype of the 5 14500TEU container ships-- “COSCO SHIPPING HIMALAYAS” , surveyed by CCS, was delivered.

“COSCO SHIPPING HIMALAYAS” was built by Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. for COSCO SHIPPING. The ship is 366m long, 51.2m wide, and with a modeled depth of 30.2m, design draught of 14.0m. It has 9 cargo tanks which can accommodate 18 rows and 11 layers of containers. The deck can accommodate as many as 20 rows and 10 layers of containers, reaching a total capacity of 14568 containers. This ship type is designed by Hudong China Shippbuilding Corp. independently and has been optimized, making technical breakthroughs in low speed and low energy consumption, hull form, high load capacity. The ship is equipped with long stroke engine and large diameter propeller. Compared with the same type of container ships, it has lower oil consumption and is more environment friendly. The ship is a typical high value-added and high technology ship and is a reflection of the most advanced shipbuilding technology in the world.

The ship has applied for CCS Green Ship II class notation and the hazardous substance compliance statement of HongKong Convention. It also complies with the technical requirements of the latest ballast water convention. Meanwhile, the design of one-person navigation bridge combines the most advanced navigation control systems. It is especially worth mentioning that the ship is assigned CLC(V) class notation, the CCS latest one for bundling force calculation for specific lines. The ship complies with the ECL notation for container securing of the latest CSS CODE. It conforms to the development trend of pursuing green, environment protection, low carbon and modernization, and satisfies the ship owners’ demand for optimized operation performance, enhanced safety and low operation cost.