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CCS Mediterranean Committee Annual Meeting 2017 Held in Greece

Date:2017-04-28 15:43:48.0


On April 26, CCS held its Mediterranean Regional Committee 2017 Annual Meeting in Athens, Greece. At the annual meeting, CCS President Sun Licheng delivered a speech in which he thanked the Committee members for the support and trust they have given to CCS, and briefed members about the current international shipping situation, new technical revolution and CCS latest development, expressing CCS wish to make joint efforts with the shipping industry to address the existing difficulties and challenges to realize mutual and common benefit.

The meeting was chaired by the President of Mediterranean Regional Committee Mr. Palios, who, on behalf of the members, highly praised CCS work and achievements over the past year, thanked CCS for the important role it has played in the international shipping and shipbuilding industry, and expected CCS Mediterranean Regional Committee to play an even more important role as the exchange platform bridging the shipping industry in China and Greece, and in China and Cyprus.

Panagiotis Kouroumplis, the Minister of Greek Ministry of Transport and Maritime Policy made a special presence at the meeting to express appreciation and thanks for the active role CCS has played over the years to make efforts to build maritime exchange stage between China and Greece. CCS representative reported to the Committee on the achievements CCS has made in technical research, safety performance, business increase and international cooperation, especially the solutions and service products CCS has developed to address the current technical and market hot issues. Besides, the meeting has elected new members and has invited Greek experts to deliver speeches on special topics. Those attended the meeting had full exchanges on hot issues in shipping industry, strengthening cooperation between CCS and Chinese industry as well as other matters.

During visit to Greece, President Sun Licheng and the delegation have also visited the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Policy, Greek Shipowner Association and COSCO Shipping Piraeus Port Co. Ltd., and the important CCS customers in Greece including Diana, Allseas, Navios, Marmaras, New Shipping, Dynacom, Altomare and Erasmus, having exchanges on international maritime hot issues, CCS technical service and further strengthening the intent to deepen cooperation.