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Guidelines for Survey of Marine Products 20161207 Amendments

Date:2017-02-13 13:10:20.0

Main changes included UR M73 type test and inspections of turbochargers. The requirements of type test apply to turbochargers with the date of an application for certification of the new turbocharger type on or after 1 July 2016. The requirements of inspections apply to turbochargers with the date of application for certification of an individual turbocharger on or after 1July 2016.


M20 Oil Mist Concentration Detection and Alarm Device

1.   Modifying type test requirements according to UR-M67(2015)

2.   Modifying general description according to complying and maintenance instructions of marine products guidelines.

3.   Engines are to be fitted with crankcase oil mist detection and alarm equipment complying with this UR when:

i) an application for certification of an engine is dated on/after 1 January 2016; or

ii) installed in new ships for which the date of contract for construction is on or after 1 January 2016.



1.Converting the IMO Guidelines and Specifications for add-on equipment for upgrading resolution MEPC.60(33)-compliant oil filtering equipment, adopted by the Marine Environment Protection Committee by Resolution MEPC.205(62);

2.Adjusted the description of Article 4 “Plans and documents”;

3.Editorial changes and corrections.


Effective date: December 7,2016


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