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PSC Notice —Tokyo MoU Launches CIC on Cargo Securing Arrangements


It was noted that the Member Authorities of the Tokyo MOU with other co-operating MOUs will carry-out a concentrated inspection campaign on Cargo Securing Arrangements on the 1st September 2016 through the 30th November 2016. The purpose or goal of this year’s CIC is to gain knowledge on the compliance of ships with applicable Cargo Securing requirements and the overall safety of ships and seafarers engaged in cargo securing operations.  For details please refer to the press release from Tokyo MoU. To ensure that all your ships are ready for the CIC, CCS has some recommendations for your easy reference and consideration.

Recommendations for Shipowners/Management Companies from CCS

(For general cargo ship, container ship (please refer to the questionnaire for definition), and other ships which need to secure cargoes during transportation, for example, for bulk carriers which may carry general cargo sometimes)

1.  To review CSM for approval by the administration or RO, and CSM is fully in compliance with the arrangements, lashing/fittings on board, if any questions please contact us for information,

2.  To review CSAP(for container ships constructed on or after Jan. 1st, 2015) for approval and available on board, to ensure the master and crew in charge are familiar with the plan,

3.  To ensure all lashing/fittings on board maintained in good working condition,

To organize an on board training for familiarization, to ensure all responsible crew understanding the operation procedures, to be familiar with the lashing/fittings and safety measures, and to be able to complete the securing job safely according to the CSM.

Press release on CIC on Cargo Securing Arrangements.pdf